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Matt Slayer is a podcaster, actor and production manager, known for Night Pulse (2018) and Best in Sex: 2018 AVN Awards (2018). I met Matt at Skankfest last year in Brooklyn, NY. We became skank buddies and we ended up hoping around to different shows at the festival. I invited him to be on the show but I haven't made a trip to LA so we used Facebook messenger voice call to record this episode. Hope you enjoy it!

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Today I talk about the recent viral video of the teenager, Nick Sandman who was  wearing a MAGA hat with a smirk on his face while he stared down a Native American elder, Nathan Phillips who is also a Vietnam Veteran. This world is getting more bizarre... Or is it that now we have more cameras everywhere and we just happen to see what's happening more? On this episode, I go into detail while playing the viral video of the event. I also talk about the song, Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes and it's real meaning. Hope you enjoy it and tell your friends!


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It's the return of TFTI!! Hope you all had a great new year. My guest today is the very funny and out spoken Mr. Thai Rivera. I've been a fan of Thai's podcast Unbothered for a few years now and its nice to finally sit down and chat with him. We also have a surprise guest Chris Storin who's been on the podcast in the past. This is a very fun episode I hope you enjoy it.

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