This is a Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!

This title comes from the Old Testament, Proverbs 22:7. FYI, this is definitely NOT a religious podcast. On this episode I talk about how many of us are slaves to the banks. How to get free from the "Master". I hope this sparks something in somebody to become more responsible with their money. 

Thanks for the Invite Podcast with Freddy Correa

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I'm starting a new series where I will be releasing old episodes of repetitive guests with new intros. It's called The TFTI Throwback. Episode 1 features Lee Syatt from Ep. 100 of Thanks for the Invite.
What's cool about this, is that you will get to hear where the guest was at that point in their lives and where they're at now. 
This episode is from 4/29/16. At this moment in Lee's life, he did not want to do stand up comedy. He felt like it wasn't for him, though he was a big fan of it. Fast forward to episode 200 he is now I killing it and grinding like a savage in stand up all over earning much respect from his peers who see him working hard and not taking any shortcuts.
We are up on Laughable, Spotify, iTunes, and now YouTube

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Ian and I met up with Byron Austin and Marco Arriaga at AMC theaters at the Town Square Mall in Las Vegas, NV, to watch the new Joker movie. We did a movie review outside the theaters but got kicked out by security so we had to continue the podcast in Byron's Monster Datsun Truck. We talked about the Joker and compared it to our top three favorite movies while we drank some white claws.

After the movie I went home then Lissy and I decided to go watch Gemini Man with Will Smith at the Palms movie theater. I went to to watch two different movies at two different theaters in one day... Is this how escorts feel like?

We ended up doing a mini movie review on Gemini Man too! So on this episode you get two movie reviews and then some. Enjoy!



You ever thought about doing a social media break? Does the thought of that scare you? It's crazy, the times we live in. Everyone  has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. On this episode, Lissy and I discuss my interest in doing a social media break and why I challenge and encourage everyone to do the the same. I became inspired to do this after listening to Ari Shaffer's podcast, "Skeptic Tank" episode #359. We also share our experience visiting the city that never sleeps, New York City, meeting Louis CK, and Skankest!!! Enjoy!

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I saw bicyclist checking his phone while swerving all over the place which reminded me of my recent trip to LA. I was out for a comedy festival weekend and one day I decided to be an introvert an go explore Los Angeles. Ran into one of those scooters you rent using an app and took it for a ride. Ran into to some Jehovah Witnesses at Starbucks and enjoyed my coffee. Short podcast but we are back!

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Today we have Adam Dominguez and George White. Two comics out of El Paso, TX who now live in Las Vegas, NV. We discussed the recent R Kelly interview on the Today Show, the Michael Jackson Neverland HBO documentary, and comedy road stories. This episode was a lot of fun I hope you enjoy!

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It was a long time coming but finally recorded a podcast with my wifey. While eating some Fat Burger, Lissy and I started recording. We recently saw one of those inspirational videos, it talked about being a thermometer or a thermostat in our daily lives. A thermometer reacts to it's environment and reflects the temperature that surrounds it. People look at the thermometer and can clearly see where it stands. A thermostat regulates the temperature around it. It sets the desired temperature of the room and actively works to maintain it within a given range. If the temperature rises above the goal, the thermostat signals the air conditioner to crank up and cool the room down. This convo got me pumped to be thermostat and regulate lol. Hope you enjoy this episode. 

Here is a great article: Are You a Thermometer or Thermostat Leader? 


Big thank you to our sponsor @bombtastic604 on IG for sending Lissy bath bombs and lip balms all the way from Canada 🇨🇦Checkout Bombtastic by Alisa and get yourselves some bathbombs!


Links to music used on this episode

Warren G Ft. Nate Dogg - Regulate

Emily King - Distance [Love Science Music Remix]

Warren G ft. Nate Dogg - Regulate (Le Boeuf Remix)

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Have you ever have an in-depth conversation with a friend and you realize that it's so good you wish you could of recorded it? That's what happened on this episode. As I was talking Ian said dude we should record this. So immediately I busted out my phone, threw it on the table and hit record. We kept talking as if nothing had happened. These are my favorite kind of episodes. My friend Sammy was visiting from Reno and we talked about saving friendships and making them stronger. We have all lost friends due to one side or both not putting enough effort. I hope this episode entertains you but also sparks something in you to make a phone call and reach out to a relationship you wanna restore. Enjoy lovers!

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You ever heard of man spreading? The act of a man spreading his legs, usually on a subway train or a bus to create space for his genitalia. Here you see the picture on a Russian woman pouring bleach mixed with water on a "man spreader".
On this episode Sammy and I talk about a strange event that happened to me a few weeks ago. A woman came up to my vehicle while recording on her iPad, accusing me of harassing her. I had never seen this lady in my life. I figured she might be confusing me with someone else. Then it hit me... I was being recorded so that she could get a reaction from a stranger. My friend Trifin later on shared with me that there's several videos online of women going up to men in uniform and provoking them to get a reaction on tape. I'm not sure if it was a Fourth-wave feminist that approached me but it was a bizarre AF. 
Not gonna lie, it annoys me when I sit next to another dude on a plane or train with his legs all spread out touching mine. I'm thinking, "your balls ain't that big bro". Anyways, be courteous and aware of others a don't be a dick! Watch out for that bleach bottle!




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Today on the podcast we talk about the viral Vape City Store video where the clerk was triggered by a Vanilla Ice looking dude named, Ian Fergeson who was wearing Trump gear. The clerk refused give service to Fergeson and had a complete meltdown. You have to watch the video if you haven't seen it. It is hilarious. This happened in Tucker, GA, a few weeks ago and I got together with my homies Ian Burford and Thai Rivera to do a short podcast about it.

Watch Full Video

For more info on Thai go to his website

Click here to download Unbothered by Thai Rivera on iTunes


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