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It's the return of TFTI!! Hope you all had a great new year. My guest today is the very funny and out spoken Mr. Thai Rivera. I've been a fan of Thai's podcast Unbothered for a few years now and its nice to finally sit down and chat with him. We also have a surprise guest Chris Storin who's been on the podcast in the past. This is a very fun episode I hope you enjoy it.

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#38 What's Up Fool! - Felipe Esparza, Rodrigo Torres, and Isaac "Flaco" Martinez

I got to hang out at a Donut Shop in China Town Vegas with one of my Comedy Heroes winner of Last Comic Standing Felipe Esparza, Rodrigo Torres, and Isaac "Flaco" Martinez!! Enjoy this episode my Friends and share!!

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On this episode I talk about the recent Las Vegas METRO Police shootings by an extremist anti government married couple. (Follow this link for more info) I also talk about a listener of the show that gave me some feedback about Episode 4 where I mentioned that I used to be homophobic when I was growing up because of my religious background. I get into this subject for towards the end. Also my prayers and thoughts go out to the families of the Metro Police officers and innocent bystander that were killed. This is a Crazy World we leave in. Like Uncle Joey @madflavor says be aware of your surroundings at all times!!!


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Ian Burford joined me outside a Chipotle in Las Vegas. Ian is a new comic and a HUGE Deathsquad fan like myself. We shared some stories about living in the Silver State and how we love the 24 hour life style. I shared a Virginia City "Ghost Story" that happened to Lissy, Tony Noguera, and I a while back. We also talked about how Vegas is a City where you have to TIP everywhere. Enjoy the Episode! Give us some feed back and I will give you a shout out on the show.

Gave some shouts at the end of the show. Hope you liked the music in the intro from Frank Sinatra and the last song from the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas soundtrack.

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We went back to Reno and hung out with some really close and funny friends and busted out the mics. We talked about Avel's infamous Selfie Pose that got really big on the Internet, Kanye's new Video with Kim Kardashian, Kanye's Sway interview and how he is going CRAZY! Sammy kept defending Kanye and debated with Avel. We also talked a little about getting older how going out is getting harder, Lissy's Best Friend Jocelyn is moving away to El Salvador. Pretty much The whole episode kept going back to the source of the conversation, Avel. Thus we named this Episode "Avel's Introduction"

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Hanging out after an Open Mic at Meatheads with Vegas Mike, Matt Dorman, Chad Haskell, Zach Wiseman, Bruce Purcell, Ryan Maza, Geoff Grant, and one Audience member. 

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In the News "When you're hunting ghosts, things can get methy" Three North Carolina men who said they trekked into the forest to look for ghosts were really making meth

Matt and Patrick join me on this episode as we record live from Red Rock Casino's food court in Vegas. Matt talks about some funny stories that happened to him while in visiting from Reno. He also talks about the bar fight that happened at Great Basin Brewery in Sparks, Nevada.

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Lissy and I sat down with two good friends from Miami that came to visit to go to the EDC event in Vegas. We talk all about the event and what happened to them in there 3 day weekend everything from light shows, the music, the culture, and how Clemente got lost in the midst of over a hundred thousand people.

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