This is a Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!

@lissycorrea5 and I recorded this episode on location at the mall right after this hat store employee tried to get me to debate football with him. As I engaged a I immediately realized I was talking to an idiot. It's not like me to argue sports because it stupid neither one of us play for the team or do we have control. 

I also talk about an eye infection I got for sleeping with my contact lenses. DON'T SLEEP WITH YOUR CONTACT LENSES!!

Gave out some Shoutouts to some New Listeners @dewslinger @freddythread @Jrok23 @RatedFK

Podcast recomendations:

@the_fish62 The Kyle Fisher Show On iTunes

@phdquest Master of the Arts - Questlab Podcasts On iTunes


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I start off the podcast with a few shout outs to some the listeners, the #Deathsquad Family, and 2 Podcasts I recommend. Soul by the Pound with @icharliegiant & @breakadawnjuan Also checkout Inappropriate Earl Podcast with @EarlSkakel very funny!



Comedian Booya returns to the Podcast. We talk about Hip Hop, the N Word, Aliens, and more. Booya is a Comedian who started in Vegas and now lives in Detroit. @comedianbooya @fredreker

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My wife Lissy, joins me as we talk about our first camping experience at Red Rock Mountain located outside Vegas. We almost froze to death!! Lissy was recently certified as a personal trainer and is really into eating healthy and working out. If you have any questions about losing weight and getting healthy hit her up on Instagram @lissycorrea or me @fredreker

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I met Comedian Frankie Obe through Instagram. We later on met at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA and became friends. I interviewed Obe about the LA Comedy Scene and how he works hard to get stage time. Also Big Shout Out to Danny Falcon and @briannebwr (from I.G.) for being awesome listeners of the show! In the Intro I talk about the mini documentary I am making about my "First Paid Road Gig". I was booked at Reno Tahoe Comedy Club to co host with Butch Escobar opening for Willie Barcena. So my friend Sammy Solorio helped me document lots of video for this project. I will upload it on YouTube for free soon! Thank You for Listening Enjoy the Show! 

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#10 At Meatheads Open Mic - Matt Dorman, Zach O Wiseman, and More!

On this Episode we had a lot of fun telling stories. I added a hand bell sound effect for most of the jokes we made. Some good and some really bad! Matt Dorman, Zach O Wiseman, Byron Kemp Stout, Courtney King, Jeffery Lieberman, and Darcee Losky joined me after an open mic we talked about Facebook Wars and Joke Thieves. Matt Dorman tells the story of how his highschool girlfriend broke his nose. 

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Our first Podcast we recorded is finally up! My friends were visiting Vegas from Reno. I busted out the mics for the first time. (Sorry if the audio is a bit funky) My friends Tony and Fatima tell us how they met through Facebook and then started dating. Enjoy!

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NEW EPISODE IS UP!! My wifey Lissy Correa, my friend Gabe Nolasco, and I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite Comedians Edwin San Juan Check it Out Mane!!

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One man killed an intruder in his home with a samurai sword and another man is arrested for throwing body fluids at a woman at Walmart. During my Reno visit I got to hang out with three awesome friends inside the Catch a Rising Star Comedy Club during the day. We talk about the Reno Comedy Scene and some things in the news that caught our attention.

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My friend Comedian Booya joins me as we were hanging out at the Red Rock Casino Buffet in Vegas and Talk about the Trayvon Martin and The George Zimmerman Trial in the News recently, Booya's old Surveillance job stories, the Movie Casino and more!

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We kick off Episode 3 with Batman and Joker from the Fal-Con 2013 Anime Convention in El Paso, TX. These guys were all dressed up and in character. Lissy Correa is back as my Co-Host (look her up on Instagram under "dlovesd5") and we talk about the upcoming Super Hero 2013 Pub Crawl in Reno, NV and how much fun it is every year. Also on my trip to El Paso I got to spend a lot of time with my dad while he was driving. My dad has a huge Road Rage problem so I secretly recorded him while he was driving and got some really good footage of him yelling at other drivers. It is very funny look it up on my youtube page under "Cuban Road Rage". Anime Artist Amy Bravo spoke with us shortly about her costume at the Anime Convention and promotes her Facebook Page "Psychotic Flower" where she shares her art. And the main quests of the Evening, Comedians Israel Garcia and Rafael Molina (you can look them up on facebook and twitter) from El Paso, TX sat down and talked to me about the El Paso Comedy scene and how they got into comedy. You have to check these guys out they are very funny and super cool!

Special Thanks to The Network Bar in El Paso, Amy Bravo (Facebook Page "Psychotic Flower"), Victor Parga (The Joker), "Batman", Israel Garcia, Rafael Molina, and my wife Lissy Correa find her @ dlovsd5 on Instagram
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My wife Lissy Correa joined me on the Intro of the show. Part B Gabe Nolasco and Booya.

This podcast Starts off right where we left off on Episode 1. We introduce Booya to sad Vicente Fernandez Mexican music that latinos like to drink to and cry. We also touch on how Gabe moved to Las Vegas and got into Comedy. And what happened to old chilhood games like hide and go get it? Kids don't go out to play anymore and just stay inside to play video games getting fat.

This is a  Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!

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TFTI #1 Pilot Episode - Gabe Nolasco and Booya

Comedians Gabe Nolasco and Booya joined me for the premier episode and talked about comedy, religion and how Booya got into doing stand up comedy. 


This is a  Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!

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