This is a Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!
#32 The Sausage-Cast! Part 1 - George "Pastor Toone" Aristigui, Saulito AKA Johnny Vega, Avel "El Guapo" Alvarez, White Boy Tony Noguera, Carlos "Aswarswars 9000" Martinez, and Hollywood Sammy!

This is such a fun episode! I got together with several friends at Hollywood Sammy’s home in Reno the night before the Joey Diaz show at Reno Tahoe Comedy Club. We talked about how we all met and how it was growing up as Church Teens. I’ve been waiting to do and episode like this for a long time but since I moved away to Vegas it has been hard to make it happened. I am trully blessed to have great friends like these. Enjoy my friends and please share!

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#1 Hollywood Talk with Sammy Solorio - Pilot Episode - Freddy Correa

Finally, the time has come. Thank you for listening to the first ever Hollywood Talk Podcast. On this episode I have one of my closest friends, comedian, and Thanks for the Invite Podcast host, Freddy Correa AKA Fredreker. We talk about his upcoming comedy show with Joey Diaz, the start of my new podcast, and how grateful I am to be here with you guys. Hope you enjoy the show!!


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#31 Hustlin - Hollywood Sammy Solorio, Lissy Correa, & Drew Shafer

Last week Hollywood Sammy Solorio, Lissy Correa, & I recorded a podcast on the road as we delivered tickets to people for the Joey Diaz show at Reno Tahoe Comedy Club. This was a fun episode especially since we met this crazy guy from Lissy's neighborhood who likes to walk around in public in his underwear. He has long untamed nappy hair (he's a white guy so it's ok to say nappy) he really reminds me of John the Baptist. Well, the way the Bible describes him anyway. His name is Michael Poloki and since we were kids I can remember this guy being that weird scary creepy looking guy that lives in the neighborhood but he is actually pretty nice...... still weird though. Last but not least, we had Comedian Drew Shafer towards the end of the show who also opened for Uncle Joey last weekend. We recorded more episodes in Reno which are coming soon! Enjoy this one my friends! 


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#30 B.O.P.E - Bolts Of Positive Energy!

Did a short Thanks for the Invite Podcast in the Las Vegas Comedy Club’s green room with amazing comics Butch Escobar,  Steve FlyeRobbie Komrs, & Kevin Winne. The conversation started with some Cool Comedy nerd chat and then we touched on the Opie and Anthony Controversy. We end on some B.O.P.E - Bolts Of Positive Energy!!

My wife Lissy joined me in the intro and talked about our upcoming Reno mini vacation and future episodes will still need to record like our EDC recap. Our Reno trip is full perks! Gonna see my mom and friends, meet my aunt for the first time who is visiting from Houston, TX, and the icing of the cake… Opening for Uncle Joey Coco Diaz at Reno Tahoe Comedy Club!! Gonna record some fun episodes in Reno! In the meantime enjoy this one friends!!


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#29 Hollywood Sammy - Sammy Solorio

I can't believe this is real! I will be opening for One of my Comedy Heroes Uncle Joey "Coco" Diaz @madflavor in Reno, NV Friday 7/25 630 pm & Saturday7/26 630 & 930 pm. Get tickets at!!

My friend Sammy Solorio joins me on this episode and we talk about the upcoming show with Joey Diaz. Sammy is one of the Main Promoters of the show. He has been an awesome friend who has supported me from day one when I started doing comedy. We also talked about how he got his Nickname “Hollywood Sammy”. Enjoy this fun Episode and share it with your friends!

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#28 Don't Get MUGGED!

Every time I leave the Comedy Club I see these 2 Vegas Showgirls walking back to their car. They take pictures with tourist to make a living off tips. Tonight I saw them sitting on the curve talking to the Police their face looked beat up and they were crying. Apparently someone had mugged them. Feel so bad for them... gotta be aware your surroundings at ALL TIMES. Someone must of been watching them for days 

Q&A Why I don't like posting my Material Online


I NEED HELP!! I am going to have the website up very soon and we are going to sell #TFTI Thanks for the Invite T Shirt but we need help with the design. Please hit me up if you have any ideas. I want it to be a Black T Shirt so us fat guys look slimmer :D

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#27 What's up Motha Flaco! - Isaac "Flaco" Martinez & Charlie Stone

We are back from EDC! Lissy and I will do a recap episode soon. Today I talked a little bit about the event and wow, it was amazing! Everyone should experience it even if your not into EDM. We rode all the rides, explored, and met a lot of cool people.

On this episode our guests are Comedians Isaac Flaco Martinez @FlacoSeagulls from LA & Charlie Stone @StoneStandsUp from Las Vegas. We recorded in the @LVLcomedy Las Vegas Live Comedy Club’s green room wile Edwin San Juan was on stage. I hope you enjoy the soundtrack it’s very diverse. 

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It’s Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 (EDC) week in Vegas. My wife Lissy and I are going to be attending it for the first time. Last year we did a Podcast about EDC (Episode 4) with some friends that came from Reno about the whole experience. They convinced us to go this year with them so we’ve been looking forward to it for months now. On this episode my wife FORCED me to help her make some Kandi PLUR bracelets while we did the Podcast. Kandi PLUR Bracelets are exchanged with other EDC attendees it’s like a “ritual". 


PLUR stands for Peace Love Unity Respect. Originating from early online discussions about rave culture its usage has been common since the early 1990s. I really like the sound of PLUR. This whole EDM (Electric Dance Music) movement almost seems cultish when you look at it from outside (like all cults). Humans always seem to wanna be associated to a group, always want to belong somewhere. As long as it’s spreading Peace Love Unity and Respect I’m all for it. Enjoy the show friends! Oh yeah and I gave out some shout outs, let me know if you want one and I’ll give you one on the next show! 


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My friend Mike Geraghty called in from Chicago and we talked about the Comedy Scene out there and how he is doing Improve now. Mike and I started doing Stand Up Comedy in Reno in 2011. Right from the start he was very funny and everyone in the Reno Comedy Scene had respect and love for him. Soon after he moved to Chicago and he got into Improve. Mike used to do funny rap songs which you will hear on this episode on the intro and outro. Hit him up on Twitter and he will email you copies of the songs at no charge! Enjoy the episode guys!

Shoutouts to 

@RatedFK @the_fish62 @chubs818 @dewslinger @Just_Guy_Talk @tha_davedog

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#23 Makaveli - Ian Burford and Gabe Nolasco

Hung out with Comedians @IanBurford & @gabenolasco after a show at @LAComedyClub in Vegas. We recorded this Episode on location at the Bally's Parking lot structure while loitering. We talked about the Vegas Comedy Scene and Comedians that we looked up to growing up. 

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We turned a year this month! Thank you all for your support! On this episode I talk about how grateful I am towards my mom for being a GREAT Mother. I went to visit her this past weekend in Reno. It's different kind of episode. I hope you enjoy it @fredreker

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I met up with Comedian Michael Wheels Parise at a restaurant in Vegas for lunch and we busted out the mics. We talked about his comedy career, family, catering business, and how he is now on a path of living a healthy lifestyle. Wheels shares his advice to young comedians about the business and having a relentless attitude in the long run. Wheels has opened for Andrew Dice Clay for over 25 years and has traveled around the world performing in clubs and arenas. He now lives in Vegas. He performs with Dice at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and will be on tour very this summer! Go to for more info!

Listen to Dice and Wheels Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher "Rollin with Dice and Wheels"

Wheels also has a New Comedy CD coming to iTunes very soon named “Relentless"


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#20 Spoiler Alert Noah Built an Ark - Samuel Solorio

On this episode my friend Sammy and I talk about growing up very religious. Sammy also tells his funny experience going to watch the movie Noah in the theaters. We then discussed the movie Noah andayahuasca was brought up. Yes there is Spoilers for the movie so you've been warn my friend. Enjoy the show!


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Sorry guys No shoutouts on this episode I will do some on the next one. 

The Host of the Kyle Fisher Show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio joins me on this Podcast Nerd conversation. We talked about other shows we like to listen to and how he has created an Underground Podcast Network. Kyle has an open invitation to anybody that wants to start a podcast but doesn't really know how to get it up and running, all you have to do is record it and send it to him and he will host it for you on his Underground Network. Hit Kyle up on Twitter @the_fish62 and check out his Podcast!

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Comedian Iggy Samaniego and I recorded this episode inside the Paris Hotel in LV. We talked about his road trip to Vegas from El Paso. He lost $2,000 beofre even getting to Vegas in AZ. But he was determine to come and perform on the Vegas Strip. He is a really cool and humble guy. I really enjoyed this episode. Even though he is not too familiar with podcasting he was a complete pro at it. Please rate and review us on iTunes. Take care homies!!

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