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Have you ever have an in-depth conversation with a friend and you realize that it's so good you wish you could of recorded it? That's what happened on this episode. As I was talking Ian said dude we should record this. So immediately I busted out my phone, threw it on the table and hit record. We kept talking as if nothing had happened. These are my favorite kind of episodes. My friend Sammy was visiting from Reno and we talked about saving friendships and making them stronger. We have all lost friends due to one side or both not putting enough effort. I hope this episode entertains you but also sparks something in you to make a phone call and reach out to a relationship you wanna restore. Enjoy lovers!

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You ever heard of man spreading? The act of a man spreading his legs, usually on a subway train or a bus to create space for his genitalia. Here you see the picture on a Russian woman pouring bleach mixed with water on a "man spreader".
On this episode Sammy and I talk about a strange event that happened to me a few weeks ago. A woman came up to my vehicle while recording on her iPad, accusing me of harassing her. I had never seen this lady in my life. I figured she might be confusing me with someone else. Then it hit me... I was being recorded so that she could get a reaction from a stranger. My friend Trifin later on shared with me that there's several videos online of women going up to men in uniform and provoking them to get a reaction on tape. I'm not sure if it was a Fourth-wave feminist that approached me but it was a bizarre AF. 
Not gonna lie, it annoys me when I sit next to another dude on a plane or train with his legs all spread out touching mine. I'm thinking, "your balls ain't that big bro". Anyways, be courteous and aware of others a don't be a dick! Watch out for that bleach bottle!




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Today on the podcast we talk about the viral Vape City Store video where the clerk was triggered by a Vanilla Ice looking dude named, Ian Fergeson who was wearing Trump gear. The clerk refused give service to Fergeson and had a complete meltdown. You have to watch the video if you haven't seen it. It is hilarious. This happened in Tucker, GA, a few weeks ago and I got together with my homies Ian Burford and Thai Rivera to do a short podcast about it.

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Matt Slayer is a podcaster, actor and production manager, known for Night Pulse (2018) and Best in Sex: 2018 AVN Awards (2018). I met Matt at Skankfest last year in Brooklyn, NY. We became skank buddies and we ended up hoping around to different shows at the festival. I invited him to be on the show but I haven't made a trip to LA so we used Facebook messenger voice call to record this episode. Hope you enjoy it!

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