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This is part 2 of episode #118 Bro Knowledge which I recorded back in December of 2016. I talk about the Law of Attraction and setting financial goals.

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Recorded this while walking through the streets of Brooklyn towards Skankfest 2018. I talk about my experience in NYC so far and about Bombing on stage at Skankfest. It was brutal!

Drinking Game: take a shot every time I almost get ran over while recording this episode. I risked my life for you savages! Enjoy.


Shoutout to Marvin and Justin!


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Mikey Slyman joins us today and tells his story about being abandoned and adopted as a child. Mikey is an entrepreneur who grew up in Vegas and in his early years he was one of the four producers of the classic documentary "Bum Fights". Mic Live returns to the podcast and joins me as a guest co-host. Enjoy my friends!

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