This is a Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!

We are back with another banger! We sat down with the one and only Butch Bradley; well renown resident headliner at the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas and all around great guy. He drops comedy knowledge and many life lessons about his travels around the world and his upbringing in comedy. We also had back the lovely Cecelia Lee; local comedian and  known to be terrified of Mummies and super fan of Benny Hill.  We touch on important topics such as the Logan Paul suicide forest debacle. We get mad spiritual and talk about ghosts, ball lightning, psychics and Yisel Orozco drops mad past lives info. We debate over which movie is better in the time travel genre; Time Cop vs Looper. Lastly we dive in head first into the haunting of the Luxor Hotel and Berto gets ancient with his Mummy voice over, plus so much more. Make sure you leave a 5 star review on iTunes, but feel free to rag on us.


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