This is a Podcast with Comedian Freddy Correa and friends talk (debate) about anything from comedy, news, society, relationships, religion, food, music, and more!

On this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend, Comedian John Gilligan. We go back to the late 80's when John began his comedy career to the present time. One of my favorite people to talk to, enjoy my friends!

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#37 HTP with Sammy Solorio - @PastorToone @fredreker

It's always a great night for a 3 sum. The HTP is back and this time it's more than just voicemails. Join George and I, as we get interrupted and sidetracked into one crazy ass episode that will leave you never wanting to use after shave again! Thank you guys for all the love and support and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!!

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