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#90 TFTI with Freddy Correa - The Three Amigos - @GabeNolasco & Tino Sanchez @TinoBumaye

New TFTI #90!! Back in August I posted a video of an open mic I was at where a heckler/comic known as Rade Zone starts disrupting the show. To make the story short pretty much someone ended up getting a Spartan kicked to the torso like in the movie 300. (Here is the link to watch the Video )

On this Episode of TFTI Gabe Nolasco co-hosts as we interview Comedian Tino Sanchez. We discuss the events that took place that night of the kick seen around the world. We also talk about Tino's background in entertainment on the Vegas Strip, playing musical instruments, singing, and then eventually becoming a DJ on the strip.

For this week's drinking game whenever you hear "Tino's Goo" or "Rogan" you gotta take a drink of whatever your drinking hopefully it's not Tino's Goo

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