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#39 Finding the Formula - Juan Chepo Garcia, Jesus Cruz, Phil Skratch Cummings, Sammy Solorio


My homie Sammy Solorio Joins me on this Intro as we get ready to head out to the Comedy Store in Hollywood to see Ari Shaffir's Comedy Central's Taping. Sammy drove all the way from Reno to Vegas just so we can hit the road right away. Had an awesome mini vacation In LA more episodes to come about that!

I had the pleasure of working with the Very funny Juan “Chepo” Garcia who’s been doing Comedy for over 14 years. Check this out Juan started doing Comedy in his teens with some of the greats like Felipe Esparza, Edwin San Juan, Gabriel Iglesias, and many more. Juan was out in Vegas Featuring at Las Vegas Live comedy Club so I interviewed him in the green room. We are joined by Comedians Jesus Cruz and Phil Skratch Cummings. Enjoy this Episode!

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