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Jack Jr. and Mark Serritella join us today on TFTI! Jack Jr. tells the story of how he grew up around amazing comics that would come and perform at the HaHA Comedy Club, such as Andrew “Dice” Clay, Joey Diaz, Gabriel Iglesias, Joe Rogan, and the list continues. Eventually Jack Jr. began his own journey in comedy. Now he travels around the country and also runs one of the hottest shows in LA. “Workout Wednesdays” at the HaHa Comedy Club. As we were halfway through the conversation Comedian Mark Serritella joined us and we began to talk about another side of comedy you don’t hear very often, the booking point of view. With every comedy show you’ve ever seen, behind it there is a booker. The booker decides who will be on the show and also structures the order of who’s the opening, middle, and the closing act. Both Jack Jr and Mark book shows with high level comics so its not an easy task. I really enjoyed this conversation I hope you do too my friends!!

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