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On this episode I talk about being consistent in whatever it is that makes you... a better YOU! Wether it's trying to eat healthy & exercising or you are a podcaster but you only put up one episode once every blue moon. Maybe your a comic who goes up once every six months (WTF?!). We need to be consistent in the things that we have already committed to, if not your'e wasting your time and you will never grow (trust me, I am also telling this to myself). I hope this episode encourages you to get off the couch, off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pornhub and Go lose some weight, finally start your podcast, join a gym, be a comic, a painter, a poet, get a better job, get back in school, be want you want to be TODAY don't wait for tomorrow but of course... Stay #CONSISTENT 

I also want to introduce my friend Ian Burford's new show on The Thanks for the Invite Podcast Network, "Cosmic Convos". Just like my friend Sammy Solorio joined months ago with Hollywood Talk Podcast, we will now provide you with even more quality entertaining content. 

Please hit @ianburford up on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tell him you heard his show and show him some love! Ok guys enjoy the show!!


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