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#31 Hustlin - Hollywood Sammy Solorio, Lissy Correa, & Drew Shafer

Last week Hollywood Sammy Solorio, Lissy Correa, & I recorded a podcast on the road as we delivered tickets to people for the Joey Diaz show at Reno Tahoe Comedy Club. This was a fun episode especially since we met this crazy guy from Lissy's neighborhood who likes to walk around in public in his underwear. He has long untamed nappy hair (he's a white guy so it's ok to say nappy) he really reminds me of John the Baptist. Well, the way the Bible describes him anyway. His name is Michael Poloki and since we were kids I can remember this guy being that weird scary creepy looking guy that lives in the neighborhood but he is actually pretty nice...... still weird though. Last but not least, we had Comedian Drew Shafer towards the end of the show who also opened for Uncle Joey last weekend. We recorded more episodes in Reno which are coming soon! Enjoy this one my friends! 


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