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You ever heard of man spreading? The act of a man spreading his legs, usually on a subway train or a bus to create space for his genitalia. Here you see the picture on a Russian woman pouring bleach mixed with water on a "man spreader".
On this episode Sammy and I talk about a strange event that happened to me a few weeks ago. A woman came up to my vehicle while recording on her iPad, accusing me of harassing her. I had never seen this lady in my life. I figured she might be confusing me with someone else. Then it hit me... I was being recorded so that she could get a reaction from a stranger. My friend Trifin later on shared with me that there's several videos online of women going up to men in uniform and provoking them to get a reaction on tape. I'm not sure if it was a Fourth-wave feminist that approached me but it was a bizarre AF. 
Not gonna lie, it annoys me when I sit next to another dude on a plane or train with his legs all spread out touching mine. I'm thinking, "your balls ain't that big bro". Anyways, be courteous and aware of others a don't be a dick! Watch out for that bleach bottle!




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