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My friend Comedian Steven Roberts joins me today! We talked about him growing up in one of the safest cities in the world, El Paso, TX. which is located right across the border from one of the most dangerous one's, Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Steven had some great stories about him crossing the border at a young age to go drink alcohol in Juárez since the drinking age there used to be 18 and over. Also, my buddy Manfred Hein is my co-host today and he had a wild story about his recent trip to the Comedy Store in Hollywood. Ian Burford joined us towards the end as we were getting to record episode 105. Enjoy this episode my friends!

Steven Roberts has a weekly Comedy Show called "The Stool" where Pro Comics with New Material perform (you never know who's going to show up) every Saturday night at Midnight located at LA Comedy Club inside the Stratosphere Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV. (No Cover)

Manfred and Steven have a weekly Comedy Show at The Back Stop Sports Pub, in Boulder City, NV, every Monday night at 9 pm (No Cover)


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